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Default Re: Android Rom Thread (for Rooted Android Devices)

Depends on what you want...

Reasons to Root :

Overclocking (My Droid is at 1 Ghz, stock is 550 Mghz). Please note, certain phones overclock better than others due to processor limitations. I can get as high as 1.25 on my phone, but it gets a bit hot.

Wireless Tether : Can do with a rooted phone

Run OSes before they release for your phone (I am currently on Android 2.2, which has not yet been released for my phone. @ Lee, I believe you have an Evo, if so, there are 2.2 roms for your phone as well)

Completely mod your phone should you have the time (for example, I pulled the "launcher" apk from my phone, replaced the launcher icon with the "LA Lakers" logo...)

Here are some other reasons, and on top of these, there are a ton more reasons. Really, IMO, if you like tweaking your PC, you will like tweaking your phone (but that is just IMO)...

I have added a warning to the OP, but really IMO it isn't necessary...It is VERY difficult to completely brick your phone by rooting..Almost impossible...

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