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Default Re: ** iPhone 4 mini-review **

I just came back from a party for a friend of mine and EVERYONE wanted to play around with the phone.

It really is a talking point and I can't wait for the Bumper to get here because I am afraid of someone dropping it.

The weirdest thing is all the people with Evo's (and I know a lot of people with one) who are just amazed at the pixel density and smoothness of the OS on the ip4.

Still, we all agree that the lack of widgets is a massive drawback and a few other things (like lack of HD Youtube) is pathetic.

I am interested to see how the bumper does on this phone. I like the aluminium sides and will not be happy with covering it up, but a better grip is definitely something to look forward to and since the sides are slightly raised up, when sitting the phone down, the glass will no longer be in contact with surfaces.
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