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Default Re: glxgears needs 100% cpu since update to 256.35

My setup uses lxde with fluxbox and is started directly with startx - no compositing, no gdm/kdm/... I tested a little and noticed that this problem seems to correlate with fluxbox:

lxde + fluxbox = error
fluxbox = error
openbox = better than 195.36.31
awesome = better than 195.36.31
pure xterm = also better than 195.36.31

one cpu core gets used fully by glxgears, the other one works a lot on X (>50% of 2nd core). Fluxbox itself doesn't appear in conky nor top. I also noticed that conky itself (which is drawing on the root window) starts to use >25% of the 2nd core while glxgears runs.

I also tested another OpenGL application (dolphin, a gamecube emulator) with lxde+fluxbox and openbox: The behaviour is the same - it uses a heck more cpu on fluxbox with the new driver.
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