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Default Re: Android Rom Thread (for Rooted Android Devices)

Originally Posted by nrdstrm View Post
Just curious Magus, but don't you use an iPhone? This thread is really not relevant to you I wouldn't think. If you have indeed switched to an Android device, would you care to explain the risk that you speak of in regards to rooting? I'm not trying to start an argument, but I only know Verizon's policies in regards to rooting, so I may add an additional warning if there are issues with other carriers and or risks that I am not aware of...


@ Lee63, I have a buddy with an EVO that rooted without my help at all. He said it was very easy. He hasn't done anything to his phone other than remove bloatware stock apps that can not be removed without rooting. I can get the info on how he did it if you are interested, or just check out and check in the "All Things Root" subforum for the EVO forum...
I also use an HTC Aria. You risk bricking your device and voiding the warranty.
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