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Ahh, good to hear you'll be getting your money back. Say, I noticed this card on Newegg's site (if you live in an area they'll ship to), it says it has 128 megs of 4ns, 128-bit memory, so it should be at least twice as fast as your other FX5200 card. Though the one user review on it mentions that it's slower then a TI500 card...but I'm not sure how much slower and that would be within the normal performence range of an FX5200.

Not sure what the difference is between the top one and the bottom one though...but for $65 shipped I don't think it's a bad deal at all. You even get a free Newegg t-shirt or something with it. $65 for a graphics card AND a t-shirt, can't beat that

Also, I noticed on Newegg's site that they had a few "lite" FX5200 cards with 64 bit memory. It looks like your old card was one of the lite versions.
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