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Default Re: Post the "Hidden Gems" games of Steam

Originally Posted by LurkerLito View Post
I bought and played Avencast last night and for $2.49 it was worth the price. It's a bit slow and the controls are a bit weird at first, but it works for it. It's feels like a mix of Diablo and some mechanics from Devil May Cry. You will need to dodge shots like DMC by double tapping the movement keys (W,S,A,D), and you can cast spells and mana enhanced physical attacks by performing SF2 like special move movements (right, up, mouse 2 casts an Ice Ball spell) or assigning it to a hot key F1 - F4. Like Diablo you get to loot stuff but the loot system isn't that great IMHO. You search the object and it opens a dialog box, then you need to use your mouse to press take all or click on the items you want. Pressing any other key closes the dialog but does NOT take any items. Since I only played the beginning so far, it seems to be a dungeon crawler, not sure if it changes later.
The controls are just god awful IMO. Some keys are even hard coded and cannot be changed which is completely retarded. I usually set my "T" key to "use", but it is hard coded to a stats window.

None of the camera controls make sense - there is no control to rotate the camera and the movement keys are not relative to the camera position (double stupidity). If it can do something like NWN or dungeon siege style controls, I would be happy.

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