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Default Re: 95% CPU usage with driver 256.35 ?!!

Originally Posted by alexmurray View Post
Yes it does - NVIDIA GLX IS THE BINARY DRIVER. If this fails to load, X will instead fall back to software rendering and hence all rendering is done in the CPU, not the GPU, and that is why you have 95% CPU usage. Fix the driver to load correctly and this will fix your 95% CPU usage issue.
It's only for OpenGL. I don't use OpenGL apps or 3D desktop effects. Besides I switched to driver version 195.36.24 and glx still doesn't load but cpu usage is back to normal proving it's not the glx that's causing the problem.

I don't use the GLX module cause it's a security risk and since Nvidia won't release the source code for the driver or specs for the card then we won't know what potential security problems there are or how to fix them promptly.
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