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Default Re: The Scourge Project - UE3 Powered CO-OP Shooter

I bought Scourge Project yesterday, and well it's not that good. Graphically it feels kind of old and there is an occasional texture stream popup but it's OK overall. Like the reviews out there say the AI is pretty bad and in single player mode the enemy prioritize you over all the AI teammates if you are within view. In one instance while I was playing one of the AI teammates was right next to the enemy exchanging fire with each other not behind any cover, but I aim from cover and he ignores being shot and starts shooting me lol. Sometimes things you think can be used for cover can't be and you'll get hit. Giving orders to the AI is very weird, You can target a spot press g and the game I think randomly picks one of the AI bots to go there and I don't think you can choose. In the first level there is dialog going how we need to get our weapons cause we only have pistols, but when we find the rifles I am the only one that gets a rifle everyone else sticks with the pistol. When the level is over at the start of the next level everyone has a rifle.

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