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I thought the camera controls were fine (you want to see unnatural buy Avencast and try playing it with expert controls), and I never ran into the problem where there were no words just dots on the dialog picking screen. Maybe an install or steam problem? I have retail and IIRC it's using some Uniloc DRM, and when I upgraded my video card, AP would still run and get to the menu, but the sounds on the menu items were screwed up and loading save games would fail, eventually it figured out that the computer changed and asked me to activate the game again and the problems went away, so I am thinking maybe your install has an issue with it triggering the hidden DRM features.

Yes the computer hacking is the worst cause they just direct ported it from the console gamepad controls, WSAD + Spacebar = Left Stick + Left Trigger, Mouse + left mouse button= Right stick + Right trigger. It's funny cause I hated it so much at first I would pause switch it to game pad mode with a xb360 controller plugged in and use that for the hacking and switch back, but I eventually got use to it and now can deal with the KB/mouse but it still feels unnatural.

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