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Default Re: 95% CPU usage with driver 256.35 ?!!

Originally Posted by AaronP View Post
What were you doing when the CPU usage went to 95%? Do you happen to know which X client was causing the load? X doesn't usually just use CPU time on its own.
I saw it twice? hit 95% CPU. To my knowledge I wasn't doing anything. This box serves 95% as my mail/web server and 10% HTPC duties. So most of the time I'm doing nothing on some point later I would notice the box seemed to be under heavy load and would then notice the issue.

The most recent time, I think I saw Xorg was chewing up memory instead of CPU cycles (I think (fuzzy memory) this was after I force killed FireFox, which I thought was the most likely culprit)

Sorry I can't provide more detail.

If/when this happens, the machine gets sluggish to the extreme. What is the best thing to kill to free up enough bandwidth to get a copy of the log, and which logs would you want?

EDIT: I'm running Gnome (Ubuntu 10.04, fairly default install)
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