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Post Maingear Builds a 3D Vision Surround Simulator for Nvidia

The 3D Vision Blog finds a nice YouTube video for a cool 3-D setup. I will let them explain the detailsā?¦
A video demonstrating an interesting project done by Maingear for Nvidia ' a 3D Vision Surround racing simulator setup using a water cooled PC with two Fermi cards, 3x 120Hz monitors and a seat with 'vibration' (they've probably used some parts of the system already done for a previous project with a single display). Looks quite nice, kind of Pimp My Ride MTV style, but I would've liked a bit more technical details too and also to see some footage of the building process, maybe some trouble they've had and how they overcame them etc.

via Maingear Builds a 3D Vision Surround Simulator for Nvidia @ 3D Vision Blog.

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