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Originally Posted by bob saget View Post
I used to get tons of BSODs on my old AMD 4400x2 machine, and it had all to do with the memory. 4 gigs of ram would make the machine go haywire, ESPECIALLY with CS:S or TF2.
Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
Sounds like you had bad memory or bad memory slot(s) on the board. Same thing used to happen to me and it turns out that one of my memory slots on my A8N-SLI Deluxe board was messed up.
I think the first gen Althons just can't handle 4GB of ram... My 3800+ X2 will not even post with 4 x 1GB in a DFI lanparty board, and it will post on a gigabyte board, but it throws all kinds of errors. The same ram used on an A8N-SLI with an opty processor will run just fine. Could be the boards too I suppose, but you'd think the DFI expert should be able to handle it.
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