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Originally Posted by xazero View Post
thanks for at least answering me.. i hate just being ignored.
You didn't even wait a day for a response, I'm usually content with three days-a week before I *bump* my issues.

Also, "PLEASE HELP!@!!!@!@#!@!#$!#!#@" does not work for you, it works against you. Use a real description, and try to assist the forum members in aiding you. By complaining you're just preventing people from being able to help you.

To get to your issue, there are several possible causes for this, they're not necessarily NVIDIA's fault, and most of the time (whew!) there is a workaround.

-Do you have render-accel enabled in your Xorg configuration?
-What version of the driver you're using? Are you using nouveau or nvidia?
-Did you read the post showing you how to ask for help? Where is your bug report?
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