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Default Re: GTX 480- price aside, which brand would you choose?

Originally Posted by HYBRID View Post
72c during BFBC2 hmmm....What case is this? Mine is roughly 85c during a BFBC2 gaming session you have a fan blowing in your case.
Curious only because I have great air flow in my case and 2 spot cooling fans blowing on my gtx480 and MikeC fan profile.

That great temps.
It's a CM690 with 6 case fans - I had all Scythe 120 & 140 mm fans, then when I got the gtx480, I switched 4 of them with Enermax Magma, because they concentrare the air better than the Scythe ones (better static pressure).

I have one on the side panel, one on front panel, one back, one bottom (blowing fresh air right into gtx's fan) and two top (120 & 140 mm - the only Scythe's left - they were harder to remove because of the Noctua cooler).

I guess besides airflow inside, the fan blowing directly on the the card helps with cooling those heatpipes.

One correction though: the card won't do 850 MHz on the core, COD-MW1 and BFBC2 cause hardlocks... MSI Kombustor doesn't. I have yet to play with the voltage, just to see if I can keep it @ 850 MHz.
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