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Default GTX 285 HDMI/spdif problems

I'm trying to hook up my pc to my hdtv through HDMI.I connected the small spdif cable from my gfx card to the spdif pin + ground on my motherboard as both manuals prompt me to.The problem is that when doing so it will not boot,the fans are not spinning,nothing happens when i press the powerbutton.When i remove the cable again it takes a few minutes for it to start,remains dead until it suddenly starts spinning up and booting.This has me stumped and i have no idea why it just dies like this.Anyone has a clue ? If i'm not using the onboard audiocard should i use the spdif pins on my creative card instead ?

I'm a bit reluctant just to wing it since i'm uncertain if it will boot normally,i've had zero issues with the gfx / mobo before trying this.If i can't find a sollution i'm thinking of buying a 470 card instead and use the mini HDMI connector instead.Any insight would be helpful.
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