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Default Re: Odd thing with EVGA Precision and Afterburner

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
have you tried the new betas?
No, I haven't tried the new betas. I was using the 257.19 drivers before this one. I swear I remember the fan control working, and it reporting temperatures before yesterday.

I noticed it when I was trying to get F-22 Lightning 3 to work where I bought it on steam. I disabled SLI then opened up EVGA Precision to bring my fan speed back up to full throttle and that's when I noticed the GPU 3 Temp was missing, and the fan speed read 0%. Just now that I started the computer I have an "Important Update" from Windows for the GTX 260 driver which it didn't do before. So, I don't know what's going on.
According to the control panel my GTX 260 is there, and is the dedicated PhysX card, and I checked the 260 and the fan is still spinning. No idea what caused this. Though I haven't tried uninstalling the drivers, running driver sweeper, and reinstalling yet. I was trying to avoid that since it's a pain in the rear.

UPDATE: Just installed the 258.69 drivers, and still the same problem. Couldn't be a weird bug where I am not using the 3-way SLI bridge for some reason could it?
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