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Default Re: Direct X11 looks to be another failure(implementation wise)

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
You crying about other people crying is much more logical I suppose.
I like pointing out how stupid gamers are. At leas my pointing it out might educate one new gamer to the trappings this hobby can bring. If I can save just one young person from being a pathetic wet drippy pussy, then I have done my job. There is NO logic in crying about DX11. Not having DX11 be earth shatteringly amazing will not affect how you enjoy a particular game title in any way. So don't get ur panties in a crusty wad because you are pathetic.

BTW I'm not a troll. I'm doing you all a public service. I actually should be paid for this. Someone has got to let you gamers know how far off the deep end of vaginerville you have gone. I only care about you and want the best for you. So please come back to us and just have fun playing the games like normal people do. Jaggies are not evil, low rez textures are not a sin and alpha textures are not demons. Everything will be alright...

Originally Posted by NaitoSan View Post
Console gamers doesn't cry as much as PC gamers do tho.
That's only because they don't know how to use a keyboard to express their frustrations.
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