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Default Re: Direct X11 looks to be another failure(implementation wise)

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guys, I just saw an ad on a gaming site for PS4, no ****! So, don't worry about consoles not being there for a couple of years. The problem is this, console developers use what in workstation format to program their games, a pc. Enough irony for you yet? And their is the point that major gaming came from a computer with better looks while the inferior console of the 80's lacked. Now it's come 180 where the console determines the level of quality over the pc. Sorry console lovers, but the pc pioneered what you see today and always will as long as a pc workstation is programming your *ss! And I quote ace hunter from megaforce "it's all on the wheel, it all comes around!". Meaning the majority of people will smarten up and realize all the money they spent on something that can only be upgraded by a new machine, albeit more cost effective than constant pc upgrades. On the other hand, pc upgrades as you guys have said earlier last longer than a console's life span. And there are no firmware upgrades to improve a console's graphic capability as of yet, thank god for that! So, until a console that is made for hardware upgradability thus making it a true pc anyhow (since all major console use pc based parts), I wouldn't get too scared about dx 11 not working out. Right now the game publishers are finding the cheap way of doing things over the right way in choosing consoles 1st and going lower graphical multiplatform to "soothe" us pc gamers. The problem for at least xbox 360 to pc conversion is much simpler because MS has already made the software tools (I think it's XNA or something like that) to convert back and forth. Once the conversion is done, then they can add the graphical features necessary. Like I said, software publishers are being lazy and cheap *sses when the easy solution is right in front of them at least on the xbox and pc side of things. As for sony, it's not that much harder. Both xbox 360 and ps3 use dx 9 or 10 hardware for graphics that are made by pc hardware manufacturer's. Again that irony shows it head again. The cheap buggers again in software don't get the hint. Maybe if Nvidia and AMD stopped putting their labels on games (consoles too since physx is used for PS3) as sponsors they might just get the hint. Then again, it may just give the publishers an excuse to make the pc a productivity machine. What needs to happen is that the graphics and pc parts manufacturer's have to make clear that yes, we make console hardware for you, but our bread and butter comes from the pc industry.
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