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Default Re: What 60 inch TV would you buy? (3k or less)

Definitely not the bulbs, The first Mitsubishi had a power supply failure ($800 repair/replace cost), it was a set that I had a custom wall mount Entertainment unit built around, so I had to get the same one.. the second one was a floor model of the same unit.. It had a complete processor failure.

The Samsung is a interesting story, about a year into owning it, it developed a black vertical stripe on the left hand side (about 3 inches wide.. It was under Warranty at the time, but the BS warranty company (third party) claimed the replacement of the processor and the labor exceeded the value of the set, So they sent me a prorated check (about $2200) and told me I could keep the set, The stripe wasn't so bad that I couldn't deal with it, So I just kept it another year or so, until it completely died.

I remember reading a while back, that the processors in a lot of these DLP's were made by Texas instruments, some were good, quite a few were horrible and crapped out prematurely (usually right after Warranty) Not sure who was making Mitsubishi's procs.
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