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Originally Posted by DarthBeavis View Post
There is a standard. Nvidia's 3dTV Play software will work on ALL of the units. There are several types of 3d for active shutter and I think all the TVs can do them. Nvidia does side by side. You can manually choose the mode in the TV settings or have it do it automatically. As of now glasses go with the TV but I am sure a company like Logitech will make universal ones (it is just IR after all). My hope is they will have Blue Tooth for future revs. HDMI 1.3 cables do HDMI 1.4. Nvidia GPUS will be upgraded to work via driver update. Please don't tell me I am wrong because I have hooked up the systems with HDMI 1.3 cables . . . .DVI-D to HDMI. Again, this was my job for about a couple months . . .All I did was demonstrate this to thousands of people across the country. People thought home video was a fad.
I think the active shutter approach is a fad. I think it will be superseded by either passive polarized lenses or no glasses at all. The current active shutters are just retarded. They're big and bulky, need batteries, and give many people headaches for a number of reasons, not to mention they cost about as much as a set of prescription glasses.
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