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Originally posted by jbirney
Talk to any game developer and they will tell you there work is targeted at the base line spec of hardware which still today is not even fully DX8 thanks in part to the GF4 Mx.

This reminds me of the PS1.4 vrs PS1.3 arguments all over. ATI fans were singing high praises that PS1.4 was way more efficent than PS1.3. Now we have things reversed and its the other side signing the praises. Oh well....
Actually, i think this is gonna change a little.

You see, there's no problem to write PS1.3 with DX9. And soon, they'll be mainstream.

You CAN do most effects with PS1.3 - they just won't look as good as on 1.4 or 2.0. See where i'm going? With HLSL coming ( Cg, DX9 one, GlSlang, ... ) , making a better version for the R300 and the NV30 shouldn't be too hard. ATI would have been very happy at the time they introduced PS1.4 if HLSL would have existed.

But then again, there IS one exception: branching.
A game got to be thinked with static branching in mind - and if you want dynamic branching, then you'll also have to think about it, and even more.

You certainly won't add it 3 months before release!

As i said before, NV's betting more than ever on developers. They are doing their best for NV30 power to be used as soon as possible. Will it work? Only time will tell.

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