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I don't have Netflix myself so can someone tell me what the typical time to release an episode for a show is? Is it more than a week?
When i first joined it was terrible. Org movies and tv. They have come a long way though. They add new movies and tv shows daily for older stuff and for newer stuff, I haven't found a show yet where they don't add the new episode the next day or even after it airs. You can even set up alerts so you'll know when it added. Pretty nice.

Now, granted I watch little tv but my shows, office, law and order, csi, big name shows are all on the next day usually.

But that's the thing too. I use netflix for movies and Hulu for tv. I pay 7 bucks a month for netflix and Hulu is free. They want to charge for back seasons, etc. And have ads but if you're consistent and watch your shows then you don't need the backlog or to pay 10 bucks. Just way them when they pop up on hulu, you know?
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