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Default GTX 295 (dual core) not working with two screens and compositing?


I am trying to get my GTX 295 working with two screens (DVI and HDMI) connected and, for use with KDE's compositing features, the COMPOSITE extension enabled. The driver is Debian's 195.36. I did try a lot of things, but mainly:

1) Xinerama: I get Xinerama working, but this disables, as mentioned in the documentation, the COMPOSITE extension. Bad.

2) TwinView: I don't get this to work. I have used the examples from the documentation, manual setup and nvidia-xconfig (giving mostly the same configs), always ending up with the problem that the driver tells me that only one screen can be detected and TwinView will be disabled. In a way that makes sense, the other screen is recognized only by the 2nd GPU, but that means that TwinView can't work - or does it?

3) Single screen: works fine with either one and all acceleration, just not both at the same time.

Might I be doing something wrong (I am sorry that I don't have configs, I currently don't have access to the system) or is it a problem with that specific card (and possibly other dual GPU cards, too)? Does someone have a working config? Or was it fixed in the 256 drivers (could not find anything in the release notes)?

What I googled did not look too promising, other people did not seem to get it to work either.

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