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Default Re: Anyone else here trying NV Surround or 3d Vision Surround?

I wouldn't like to think i was 3d gaming all the time...the experience may be short of nothing but amazing but i just cannot see myself wearing a pair of shades everytime i want to game on my PC.

I guess the experience is somewhat similar to watching a 3d movie...awesome at the time but not something you would want to do every time you watch the television.

I tried 3D gaming at my local computer store ( and couldnt help but notice that although sure enough the 3D looks awesome that it looked washed out (desaturated) and lacked the quality and detail that is 2D.

I can't see myself purchasing 3D monitors and the Nvidia 3D shades and tbh i thnk Nvidia need to be concentrating more on trying to get ahead of the competition by making there GPU's worth the money they are being sold at.
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