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Default Re: If you like Hitman buy Death to Spies: Moment of Truth for $8

Originally Posted by NarcissistZero View Post
That is not an example.
Sure it is. The gameplay experience sucks. I would rather play Unreal Tournament 3.

How? Pull gun, use mouse to aim, hold right mouse to zoom in... pretty standard. Unless you mean you can't play it run and gun, in which case no, that is a good thing.
You make it sound so simple. Too bad the way guns shoot is horrible. And also the fact that they rarely shoot anywhere near the spot you are aiming at. And I wasn't talking about running and gunning. I was talking about simply sneaking up on a person and shooting them. It also takes a retarded amount of bullets to put somebody down for some reason.

The map could be better, but it tells you what you need to know. Make sure to hit "N" to zoom it if you need to.
I will just stay happy and make sure to not double click the desktop shortcut again.

By which you mean it's not a AAA American or Japanese game, which was obvious from the start. It looks good though, I posted pics in the pic thread... detailed textures and crisp environments. It looks like a PC game.
I don't need a "AAA American or Japanese game"... I need a good game. That opening cutscene was terrible, and then I was just dropped off in the woods. Awesome storytelling.

I think they're quite good actually.
Man, you must only play games with the worst animations ever if you think the animations in this game are good. Running without a weapon in your hand is hilarious to watch.

You're not really proving me wrong on the whole "it's not a massive budget game from a large corporation so it sucks!" front Hunt. I thought games were about gameplay? This game has awesome espionage gameplay, good crisp PC style graphics and controls and immersive open levels.
Again, small budget doesn't mean it has to suck. And games are about gameplay, this game has terrible gameplay. And bad animations aren't the same as bad graphics... bad animations can ruin the experience for me while graphics are only secondary to me.
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