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Default Re: I come in peace

What a terrible state i have got myself into. It began trying to install Ubuntu 10.04, it installs ok , but leaves in the boot menu two entries for Ubuntu and one for windows 7, The Ubuntu ones don't work and the message says that i should start a repair to fix windows.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled windows tried again with Ubuntu to no avail. same deal as before.
BTW i have one terrabyte drive and one 160 gig drive. I had been trying to install on the 160gb one.

The only way i have gotten it working is by unplugging the 160gb drive and installing Ubuntu on the main drive.
However , I'm not out of the woods yet. NO windows 7 entry in boot loader, just no boot loader just boots straight to Ubuntu.

I know I am doing something daft but I'm stuck. Help me please.

btw i have done this lots before with previous Linux install without issue.
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