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Default Here....Posted it in the Thread for binary installs...

Ok for those of you who do wish to install the nvidia drivers using the SOURCE rpms heres what you do:

First you need rpmbuild installed, as well as your kernel source files...If not, it wont work (most all distros come with rpmbuild installed already, so you shouldnt have to worry about that one..) If you dont have the kernel source files install them (located on your distro's cd somewhere

Ok, download the source files (glx, and kernel) This part is a no brainer.

1: Load up (place your choice of terminal here) and log in as root (su root) if you arent already.

2: Go to the directory where you downloaded the files and type:

rpmbuild --rebuild NVIDIA*

Now this will save the files to /usr/src/RPM/RPMS/i586/ so you'll need to change to that directory to install the compiled sources.

3: Once in /usr/src/RPM/RPMS/i586/
(note: It might also save them in a different directory under /RPMS/ eg:Athlon, i486, i686 etc.. depending on your processor)

Type the following:

rpm -ivh NVIDIA*

If you get an errror saying that they are already installed type the following:

rpm -ivh --replacepkgs NVIDIA*

and watch it install...

4: Next you need to modify your XF86Config-4 file... Change to /etc/X11/ and either pico (or emacs) XF86Config-4 and put these in:

Find the Modules Section:
and type Load "/usr/X11R6/lib/modules/extensions/"
You can also do as the other people have posted and put

Load "glx"
But I perfer putting the whole path as to avoid any problems.

Next go to the "Drivers" part of the file and replace whatever is in the Driver section and put "nvidia"

5: Now you can run either gdm (if you have GNOME) or startx (if in command line mode, wouldnt do it if your still in X hehe, just a little warning...)

And enjoy!

Now for those people who have the enterprise kernel you need to recompile the sources.. and then run
rpm -ivh --replacepkgs NVIDIA* command to reinstall the new packages for your enterprise kernel.
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