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Default Re: Windows Phone 7 Series

I am on verison too Mullet. They are for sure the most reliable in my area, but the data plans are also the most expensive. Unless I have a moment of weakness, or land a huge contract that requires me to have it I will most likely be staying with a phone that make calls and little else.

I disabled data on my current phone because I got charged one month for $10 worth of data that I didn't use, I guess it was accidental.

Two months later I got another data charge of $5 for a text message with a picture in it! Its just a freaking rip off now, no other way around it. I am so glad I have been so far immune to this tech bug so many people seem to have. When I am away from home I am working, and don't have time to dick around online.

Like I said if I need it I will get it, but its not really something I want so bad that I am willing to pay that much for knowing how bad they are raping the consumer for a little bandwidth.
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