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Default Re: Geforce 8200 users, I need your help with finding usb hanging issue

Is there an official bug report on that? Maybe the kernel should provide a workaround for this specific chipset.
I don't get errors only when working with big data transfers. I have problems even with small data transfers - just a few kB are enough to kill it, and it won't go back till after a reboot. The error seems to be somewhat random: sometimes I can't even access some USB devices.

I'm using a USB-serial (FTDI) board to help me understand this problem. When plugged, it creates (correctly) /dev/ttyUSB0. Sometimes I can access it by echoing something directly to the device (echo 'text' >> /dev/ttyUSB0), and I can see the leds on the board blinking to signal the communication, which is all correct. Then eventually it stops working. Sometimes in a matter of minutes, sometimes I can't communicate with it at all. Any attempt to access the USB device after it has stopped (cat, echo, lsusb) hangs the terminal, and not even ctrl+c or a kill can stop the hanging command. When that happens, nothing is sent through the USB to the board.

That is as much as I know. I got mouse/keyboard on PS/2 to prevent them from hanging.

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