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Post An Inside Look At The Last Airbender's Powers

The Last Airbender is out in theaters and boasts some impressive CGI effects of water and fire working and 'bending' in physics defying ways. MTV Movie Blogs has a short interview with VFX Supervisor Pablo Helman about some of the more complex effects.
'We looked at NASA footage. They did some experiments with liquid water in zero gravity ' Helman said. 'If you look at the water in zero gravity it behaves in a specific way. It stays together it forms balls and there s all this interesting stuff that happens inside the balls of water. That s what we showed Night and he loved it. So we had to come up with a piece of software that allowed us to manipulate water in the same way.'

via 'The Last Airbender': An Inside Look At Five Cool Powers And Weapons ' Movie News Story | MTV Movie News.

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