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Default Re: Opinion on a 470...

Well I should have probably explained my situation better. This is the only time in the year that I'll have a 500+ balance in my bank account because of no tuition during the summer. So I can afford to make the switch to a newer card and pay the balance off when my old cards sell...

I don't actually have room on my budget for a new card when I take the next year into consideration. So to be honest my only options would be wait at the least a year until I'm out of school and working full time at which point I could afford a whole new system, or take the ~$50 or less upgrade now.

I'm not looking for a huge performance increase, more or less just a glimpse of DX11 and what it can do and I really want to play with Cuda 3.0 and its ability to be integrated with c++ code and executed on the 400 series gpus.... I'm actually pushing worst case ~40 fps on my monitor in the worst games (BC2, Crysis, Metro) so performance isn't a huge motivating factor...
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