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Yes go ahead and get it the MSI GTX 470 is a great card ,I got mine for $280 shipped and it came with a free game so I bought two.If you had a GTX 285 then the fan should be no bother ,it did'nt really get noticeable to me until I went past 70%.The MSI GTX 470 I have in it right now will overclock to 795/1900 at default voltages and I ran the fan at 70% and the hottest it got was 75c ,the memory might have went higher but there where I stopped at.In 3D Vantage I got a score of 21,410 and the default was 17,217 ,so that was over a 4,000 gain just in overclocking it.I was useing the 197.03 drivers that came on the CD.I need to download the new ones.with my HD5870 running it at 1000/5000(1250) I got a score of 18,740.The GTX 470 scales so much better then a HD5870 does.I can't wait to see what I get when I overclock the voltage some.After I get though with this MSI GTX 470 ,I will put the other one in and see if it overclocks just as good ,I hope it does,so I can set up my SLI and I have a 8800gts for phys-x.I had the opposite efect I think the GTX 470 is the best bang for the bulk.Now if you put the fan at a 100% it is very loud.But so far I have just needed 70%.I am very supprise how good the GTX 470 runs.I would get it IMO I don't think you will regret it,and this is comeing from someone who has two HD5870 running in CF.
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