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Default Re: HD5870 or GTX470 for a higher or equal price ?

If you would have asked me a week ago I would have said a HD5870 ,but after buying two MSI GTX 470 for $280 each shipped free with games ,I have just put one in to see how it overclocked and ran and it overclocked to 795/1900 at default volts and the fan at 70% and running vantage it only reached 75c.At default the HD5870 is faster but once you overclock the GTX 470 is faster.Just in vantage at default I scored 17,217 and when overclocked to 795/3800 I scored 21,433,that a 4000 point gain and I was useing the drivers that came on the CD 197.03.Running just one HD5870 at 1000/5000 I scored 18,740 but that was with old drivers,In CF I scored 30,188 with the 10.5 drivers..IMO the GTX 470 is the best card for bang for the bulk.But which ever you choose they are both fast.with two GTX 470's running in SLI I get 37,334 at 780/3700 with the 257.21 drivers.
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