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Default Re: GTX 295 (dual core) not working with two screens and compositing?

Originally Posted by Nurbs View Post
2) TwinView: [...] the other screen is recognized only by the 2nd GPU, but that means that TwinView can't work - or does it?
My understanding is that each of the two GPUs on the GTX295 is driving
a DVI output, so you can only configure separate X-screens, which will
work with Xinerama, but not with Composite in addition (as you already

If you are willing to spend some extra money, then you may consider
the following solution:

1. Configure the GTX295 to operate in SLI mode
2. Attach a Matrox TH2G in order to drive up to three
1680x1050 LCDs or up to two 1920x1200 LCDs.
(LCDs need have the same resolution)

This way, you get the full performance of both GPUs and you could
enjoy a nice triple head setup :-)



P.S.: alternatively, you could ask nvidia to provide SLI Mosaic
for the GTX295.
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