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Finished it, overall pretty mediocre. Combat was fairly good toward the end. I tended to stick with the auto cannon which was fun to use and the time sphere thing. I guess the pacing was good enough to keep me going. I took breaks only when the textures were just getting completely blurry.

Still can't shake the overall generic feeling, invisible walls and doors closing behind you. Simple simple puzzles. 95% of the puzzles revolved around using the same type of box. AI was alright I guess although the NPCs not looking at me during cutscenes was annoying. Boss battles were fairly standard affairs with weakspots and in same cases it told you exactly what to do.

Couple of easy sniper segments where its just headshot after headshot. Similar feeling toward Wolfenstein I guess, although singularity started with good potential - felt like Bioshock with a Russian flavour. Not sure if the end reveal was meant to be a surprise?

Is anybody playing the multiplayer. In any case as a shooter fan it was decent enough for a purchase. Just not quite up there with the better shooters.
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