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Originally Posted by K007 View Post
pb has never caused any issues for me.

not sure what u mean by colourful...its the same engine in every way identical to bc2.

apparently their should be 1 or 2 aus servers...i still can't find them.

the one thing really good about this game is the fact that grenades/tubes don't do much splash dmg.
PB has a heart beat thing that makes PB games stutter for the first few minutes - well documented issue. (

I found the maps to be more colorful than most BF BC2 maps. After playing too much Arica Harbor and White Pass cause every freakin' server has those two awful maps on rotation 24/7. Might be the same engine but it plays smoother than BF BC2. My guess it's an older build before they botched it up with the patches that have ruined BF BC2. Less lag my guess is that there is no pb yet and thats probably causing alot of the lag we see in BF BC2, probably the rubber banding too.

The animations rock too. Can't tell you how many times people get hit and flip over backwards. Makes lol everytime.
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