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Default Re: Nyko Zero Controller on PC?

I just got the nyko core wired ps3 controller [model #83069] and I thought i'd need to do some silly driver 'hacks' like people have posted here... now idunno about the wireless one but all I had to do (in XPsp3) was plug the mother in and go to the game controller control panel, hit properties then hit the home button on the gamepad. I think button 16 lights up and after that 'everything' works. I have yet to test the dual-shock feature and I say 'everything' because there is the matter of buttons 17 and 18 that seem to be nonexistent on the controller [and yeah I pushed down on the analog sticks]. ...long story short, the internet is lying to you. besides, all those stupid drivers people are posting links to say right in the instructions that you don't get six-axis functionality with them anyway so the whole point of messing with them is moot.
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