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Default What would You recommend?

I am looking for Phone/smartphone with good Camera/video recording which looks good, is durable(for scratches at least-I am not hoping for miracle phone that survives heavy drops)

But there is one problem. I am a typing kind of guy and I am messaging like crazy, so touchscreen only is rather not an option. Well, meybe if its done very very well.

I was looking at N95 8Gb, SE Aino PRO, XperiaX2.. but I am not really into new phones so I am lost in the dark. Currently I have SE c702 btw.

I am proboably going to get it in about two months after earning summer moneys But I like to have motivation if You ask why I created this topic then.

btw! I have passed all my exams exmans on first semester at my university !!!
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