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win32k.sys is microsoft system driver responsible for "multi-user win32 enviroment" it can also be caused by a driver.
also note: that if a driver caused the win32k.sys to cause BSOD, it can either be driver issue or hardware issue.

first check your file, it should be version 6.1.7600.16585 size of 3,122,176 bytes.

then go to run box (windows key + R) and type verifier and enter

keep the "select standard settings" and next on "select what drivers to verify" plage, first select "automatically select drivers build for older versions of windows" and next

and take screenshot and post it
and go back and select "automatically select unsigned drivers"
and take screenshot and post it

don't click "finish" that will kick your PC in debuging driver mode, and sometimes it can be hard to get out from.

also follow this

to verify if any of your system files are corrupt.
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