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Default Re: Accelerated OpenGL without X, is it possible? (just checking)

Originally Posted by Dragoran View Post
Isn't it kind of embarrassing to talk about stuff you obviously know nothing about?

Anyway this looks like trolling to me so I am out of this discussion.
Well I'm not the sort of person who can talk about something I hate without making snide comments so maybe I should stop now. In answer to your question, it's less embarrassing to my mind than accepting present-day software "technology" while watching it achieve so much less with so much more after all these years. The last 2 decades have been really bad ones for software progress, and I really think it's time to look harder at the weak excuses we make for the rubbish we use.
After watching Linux go nowhere for 10 years, actually watching it go backwards many times, I woke up.
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