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Default Re: First BSOD

easy kid
do you have an external hard drive?

assuming you do here is how you do it.

download drive snapshot 30 day trial , you can down load this again and again

get it here here

you only need the 250kb exe

Put the exe on your external hard drive.

next question doesn't really matter for backing up but it does for restore.

Do you have a boot disk?

at this point i will assume you have a brand new shiny windows install

plug in your external drive (the assumed one)

browse to snapshot.exe

double click it and select back up name your backup and place it in a folder on your external drive.

The reason i ask about a boot disk is thus, if you want to restore this image to a new drive you must boot it up with a boot cd. you then select the snapshot.exe again on your external , and this time chose restore and follow the next buttons.(make sure that you have your external drive plugged in before booting with boot disk or it wont be seen).

You may need to set the partition as active, but is a sound method and good practise for you .
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