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Default We Need a Pressure Sensitive Keypad Bad

Considering the undeniable change in PC games and in the interest of simply moving the platform forward we need a pressure sensitive keypad, bad! I'm not talking a full keyboard but something like the Saitak gamer pad or the Nostromo N52te with pressure sensitive keys. I've always used the N52 or my Wolf King keypad. Adding pressure sensitivity would mean press a little move a little press a lot and you sprint. I think it would be awesome, the best of both worlds, mouse aim with analog speed controls. Same with leaning, jumping, gas, breaks, maybe even game actions like in Heavy Rain. The only thing Iíve ever remotely like about pads are their analog sticks. I also like looking around walking slowly and taking in the views in games like Singularity or Metro. With a well programmed PC game you get 3 speeds; slow walk, normal walk and sprint. Since the analog stick there has never been a need for a walk button on consoles so it's gone from most PC games now too. Why doesn't a company like Logitech, Belkin or Saitak make a pressure sensitive keypad? Nice little switch or button for digital/analog modes. It should work with any game already made for pads and wouldn't cost more than a gamepad. I donít think they realize how big of a hit it would be. Iíd buy one, heck Iíd buy two.
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