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Default Re: What would You recommend?

Droid would be great! But Its not avaible in Poland... and even If I will find it somewhere it will be sky high expensive i guess....
I was at the media mall today and took a quick 5min look at all the phones they have.

N97, SE Aino, W995, Omnia2, HTC HD2, Experia x10
There was quite much more phones but I memorized those for now.

Aino is looking like to be my favourite as for this moment. It Have touch functions+slide standard keyboard,big ass screen, WiFi, good Camera and it looks very solid+I like simple Se menus.

I know I shouldnt even look at Omnia2, Xperia, HTC etc phones if I am a message type of guy but those are looking to be quite interesting with good cameras and functions.

Thene there are Nokia phones.. N97, 86, 95_8gb etc. Those also looks good but I hate nokia phones for some reason.
I hevent seen VivazPro yet and It looks to be quite good phone. I wonder how pricing is in Poland.

Aino and maybe if I will stretch my wallet n97 is as much as I can spare for a phone, just so You know the price tag I can do.

And offcourse thankx for the anserws

Edit: I am also curious about Motorola Milestone. it looks quite allright with that qwerty keyboard etc
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