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Default Re: We Need a Pressure Sensitive Keypad Bad

I dont really see the point either, never been much use in any game has it? (granted, racing games )
Sure, Splinter Cell had some analog walking dialing it on the scroll wheel, but I dont see the problem with the walk/run and added Sprint if need be?
Even in that case.

Would probably have to be a keyboard wide standard to get support in PC games too, if itīs just for the few breakout devices like Saitek pads, it prolly wont get supported.
Anyhow, I never really felt the need, I have reacted on how unnecessary it is in console games, even though it makes sense inputwise on a analog stick.
And keeping pressure on a key to keep it pressed down could get more iffy then pushing a analog stick to its max, would have to be very fine tuned.
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