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Default Re: We Need a Pressure Sensitive Keypad Bad

Originally Posted by jolle View Post
I dont really see the point either, never been much use in any game has it? (granted, racing games )
Sure, Splinter Cell had some analog walking dialing it on the scroll wheel, but I dont see the problem with the walk/run and added Sprint if need be?
Even in that case.

Would probably have to be a keyboard wide standard to get support in PC games too, if itīs just for the few breakout devices like Saitek pads, it prolly wont get supported.
Anyhow, I never really felt the need, I have reacted on how unnecessary it is in console games, even though it makes sense inputwise on a analog stick.
And keeping pressure on a key to keep it pressed down could get more iffy then pushing a analog stick to its max, would have to be very fine tuned.
Well that's what I'm talking about. A lot of games no longer support a button for walking, so if you use a keyboard your SOL. Stalker is the last I can think of that has a walk button. There are so many game that I can't walk in right now. The only way to walk slowly is to crouch or use an analog stick. The software would need to be robust as each key would be an axis, some pressure setting for light, heavy fingers and from what I read an see today it wouldn't be too hard. I mean with some games I use a combo of my TrackIR with a mouse emulation program that translates my head movement in to mouse movement and I have head tracking in every FPS every made. A PS keypad would work with any game that supports analog controllers and it would be just like any other add on pad. As for needing to keep pressure on it who doesn't hold their keys a little harder during intense moments. It would only add to the immersion.
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