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Post Trinity Racing's NVidia-Powered Racing Simulator

A short while back I found myself at Club Auto Sport, an interesting tech incubator for automotive companies, attending a mixer hosted by NVidia. While you may not think NVidia and Cars have much in common (Aside from the Tegra/Audi collaboration), one of the companies there finds NVidia products a key component of their product.

Jack Ulstad runs a business there called 'Trinity Racing Concepts' that designs high-end reconfiguration racing simulators. Jack and his team have build a highly flexible reconfigurable frame, called the 'Revolution Frame', that can quickly and easily be converted into everything from NASCAR to Formula 1, providing a wide range of simulations. They combine their frame with a 3-screen stereoscopic display powered by NVidia 3D Vision technology, force-feedback steering wheel, and custom force-feedback seat.

Read on after the break.

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