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Originally Posted by t3hl33td4rg0n View Post
Install Game
Run tool
Install patches

Been doing it since that first format.

I still don't see why developers still dont use the damn My Documents\My Games folder. FFS get with the program!

I have savegames in that folder for years and I never have problems, it makes reinstallation much less of a pain. Most of the time, once the game is installed and patched (after a reformat or something) all your settings and save games are ready to go.
You may not play on servers that are streaming or maybe you been lucky for now...

Here is a link for the violation;_accCheck=1

My brother used a lvl 55 hack tool and 2 weeks later his PB GUID was banned from all major leagues. Having to buy a new CD key thus acquiring a new PB GUID to clear his name.

On the other hand some people may get banned ny Streaming servers and may never know about it as they never play on them....most streaming servers are for esports only so you might be safe.
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