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Default Re: What's yer phone?

Originally Posted by saturnotaku View Post
HTC Droid Eris

I generally like it, but the recent update to 2.1 has caused the phone to occasionally do some weird things. The annoyances aren't deal breakers. My biggest complaint is that it has a pretty slow CPU.
I kinda wish the homebrew community would set out to really make some sort of OS variation that REALLY runs snappy on these Qualcomm 528mhz chips. Granted, WinMo 6.5 feels a lot faster on my new phone than 6.0 did on my old Blackjack, but I'd really like to run an OS on this that's snappy above all else.

... anyway, my phones:

HTC Pure:

.. and my previous phone, a Samsung Blackjack with the Samsung WinMo 6.0 ROM, overclocked from ~190mhz to 252 (still got pretty good battery life)... I'm giving this to my 12 yr old after she demonstrates a month or so of responsibility with her "new" LG CU400.


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