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Default Re: Post your HDTV displays here

That BD Rebuilder worked perfectly! Thanks for that info! It took the disk and let me rip it down to a full uncompressed single 44 gig file. I think right now, I'm going to see where I'm at as far as remaining storage space goes after all my movies are on the harddrives and then probably as I start on the bluray's, I'll compress some that aren't as spectacular to look at as others to help manage space.

I'm also entertaining the notion of getting one of those external 3~4 drive raid boxes that's E-Sata and just putting huge drives into that to use if I end up filling all 4 hdd spaces in the case.

also, once I built the library for XBMC, it worked perfectly.

It did however take about 7 hours to finish re-encoding gladiator... I may do what you do and use my beast at work for bluray encoding. It's got a pair of W5590's and 16 gigs of ram. Only problem is that I would have to get another bluray drive to have here for the disks :/

I guess there sort of cheap at this point. Either that or get an E-sata external enclosure to put the drive I've got now into and just take it to work when I need to rip them down. I guess I TECHNICALLY don't need it in the machine at the house if all the video's are going to be on the drive anyways...and I always have the PS3 in a pinch.
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