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Default Re: What's yer phone?

Originally Posted by Maverick123w View Post
I've seen roms that have that cpu at 1ghz.
Yeah, but I'm not going to hack my phone. Plus, doing that would decrease battery life, which isn't that great to begin with.

Originally Posted by ragejg View Post
I kinda wish the homebrew community would set out to really make some sort of OS variation that REALLY runs snappy on these Qualcomm 528mhz chips. Granted, WinMo 6.5 feels a lot faster on my new phone than 6.0 did on my old Blackjack, but I'd really like to run an OS on this that's snappy above all else.
You'd think that Linux, which is what Android essentially is, would be ideal for a slow device. I'm not sure what makes 2.1 poky on this phone. It might be the HTC Sense UI, which is a vast improvement over the stock Droid one. I really like Sense, though, and am hoping there will be some optimizations in the pipeline for the Eris in the future, if it doesn't get the 2.2 update.
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